Why does CBT work?

It helps people to experience their thoughts and feelings whilst being able to see them as thoughts and feelings.  Teaching you to relate to your thoughts in a new more accepting way, and therefore helping people to change unhelpful behaviour patterns. As it is the struggle with the thought that causes the internal distress.

CBT involves active changes in what you do as well as what you think.

Learning to recognise thoughts for what they are rather than listening to the content can have amazing benefits on mental health.

Will it work for me?

CBT is not for everyone, some people do not want to be involved in such an active therapy.  However, if you believe that you can create change and want to, CBT can be a life changing experience.

The main principles

  • Collaborative
  • Directive
  • Patient takes an active role in therapy
  • Work given between sessions

One of the aims of CBT is to teach the client to become their own therapist, so it is very important that they are actively involved in the process and learn skills and techniques that they can put into practice.