What to expect from a session

Initial Assessment

In the initial stage of assessment we will work together to understand the current problem. The therapy is focused in the here and now, although there may be questions about past experiences the main focus is on present difficulties. Once there is a clear understanding of the problem we will agree a treatment plan to work from, this plan will inform the rest of your sessions with me. You will be asked to think about long term and short term goals for therapy I will help you to shape your goals so they are SMART specific to the problem, manageable, achievable, realistic and time agreed.

Each Session

Sessions last for 50 minutes. The time is structured and involves reviewing homework from the previous week, setting the agenda for the session and at the end planning new homework.

The purpose of homework is to facilitate ongoing learning outside the therapy session and evidence shows that people who complete in between session work gain more benefit than those who don’t. Some people find the idea of homework a bit daunting but it is a necessary part of the therapeutic process as a lot of the learning is self-directed and should happen between sessions.