CBT Therapy

CBT is a therapeutic model that aims to understand the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviour. CBT is recommended as the first line of treatment for many disorders.
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Child and adolescent mental health

Mental heath problems are becoming more commonly recognised among young people. CBT can be very effective for young people and involves helping them to recognise the problem and find a way of changing their behaviour.
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Mindfulness is a way of becoming aware of what you are thinking and learning to recognise the internal dialogue that your mind engages in every day, and the impact that this dialogue can have on your mental health.
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Lorna Vincent Bsc, Cert CBT, PG Dip CBT (CYP) – CBT and mindfulness therapist

Welcome to my web site, I understand how hard it can be making the decision to seek help, so I am glad you are here. My passion is to help and guide people through their emotional problems using cutting edge contemporary methods of therapy (CBT, ACT and mindfulness). I will work with you to identify what isn’t working for you and help you to find a new balance in your life. These styles of therapy all incorporate a focus on the present, aim to understand how are minds have evolved and the impact it has on our mental health.

I have over 20 years of knowledge and experience in a wide range of environments and have experience with a wide range of disorders including OCD, panic, PTSD, social anxiety, health anxiety, depression, physical pain and pain management in both adult and child and adolescent mental health.

‘A small change can make a big difference’